Traveling Trails Less Traveled. By Buckshot Anderson

Musky Madness and Other Non-Lethal Afflictions
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In this, the author’s latest book of non-fictional short stories, Buckshot dips deep into his outdoor adventures diary to present the reader with thirty-one of his most cherished memories spanning nearly six decades guiding anglers and hunters, plus acting as a mentor and teacher for his four children, four grandchildren and numerous friends, acquaintances and relatives.

Giggling and laughter will be common as you meet a mix-mash of individuals who are infected with the likes of “Musky Madness”, “Trout Fever”, “Duck Hunting Mania”, “Wanderlust Syndrome”, “Canine Compassion” “Urinary Urgency” plus numerous additional minor infectious outdoor indulgences common to many outdoorspersons!

Between chuckles the text will provide a variety of in-depth looks at Homo sapiens’s ongoing love affair with Ma Nature and the pristine places throughout North America the old girl has provided for we humans to enjoy. You will also be introduced to some unlikely and sometimes not so enjoyable creatures that live in the woods and waters of this Earthly sphere.

The 214 pages are liberally laced with never before published photographs, which among other things, provides visual proof concerning some of the goofy things people often do in the name of sport.

Copies ARE NOW available direct from the author at $12.00 per copy plus $4.00 S & H. Two or more copies are $10.00 per copy plus $5.00 S & H. An order form is provided below.

Copies may also be ordered via email: buckshot@nnex,net Book(s) and billing will be sent via: U.S. Postal Service, Media Mail.

Phone orders will also be accepted, 715-542-3804.

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The following titles of Buckshot’s previously published books are also still available.

(Non-Fiction short stories)

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_____ Last of a Dying Breed (2002)     _____ Evil, Veiled by Darkness (2003)     _____ Sleeper Cell Island (2006)

Send order to: Buckshot’s Books, 2220 Deadman’s Gulch Road, St. Germain, WI 54558

Make checks payable to: Buckshot’s Books (Thank you for your order!)

Mr. Leon "Buckshot" Anderson is one of the few old time hunting and fishing guides left in Northern Wisconsin.   Buckshot is a personal friend of the family and has known and worked with my grandfather, Howard "Pop" Dean,  both of whom are members of the fresh water fishing hall of fame, Legendary Guide.   Buckshot has authored 7 books on the great outdoors. All of his books can be purchased directly from him, at a discount, by email:  or by mail to: 2220 Deadman's Gulch Road, St. Germain, WI 54558.

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Yes; Deadman's Gulch is the correct name, I have been on that road many times. Sincerely David D. Cruger

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